Greetings from Brooklyn

Trafalgar SquareHey Everyone,
It's been a while since I've checked in on the official Blog. It has been a busy and fun past couple of months on the road, but it is always great to come home! I started out in January with Riverdance, as the Shannon Company kicked off the show's Final North American Tour. From there, I flew straight out to Farmington, NM (on a 12-seat plane for the last part of the trip), for a tour with the Cathie Ryan Band. Our travels took us throughout the great state of New Mexico where we played lots of music and made many friends along the way. Read more »

On the Road...Literally!

Hey everyone. Just checking in from the iPhone in the car (don't worry I'm not driving right now)! I'm out on tour this week with guitarist/singer extraordinaire Ryan McGiver. We played our debut concert at the Jalopy Theater in Brooklyn last Friday night. Since then we have rocked the house in York, PA, Cleveland, OH, and Pittsburgh, PA. We are having a great time and meeting some great people along the way. Right now we're trekking down to Knoxville, TN where we are offering workshops and a concert tomorrow night at Morelock Music (see the "Gigs" page for details). Read more »


A Packed Tour BusA Packed Tour BusWow... today was crazy. Travelled with Riverdance from Richmond, VA to Danville, KY--about 530 miles. We left at 8 AM and got in at 7 PM. That's all well and good except that one of the buses broke down and everyone had to squeeze onto one bus. Everyone was pretty cool about getting up close and personal for 8 hours, but I hope to not have to do it again any time too soon! Here's a photo of the scene, taken by Russian folk dancer Anna Brovkina, featuring our youngest company member Rían Masterson up front. Read more »


Welcome to my new-and-improved, better-than-ever home on the web! I hope you like the updates as much as I do. While you’re here, check out a few photos from my travels with Riverdance, watch some videos, and download a free, previously unreleased track on the “Music” page. Plus, you can listen to my entire debut CD right here on the streaming music player on the right-hand side of the screen. Check back often for new music and blog updates from the road on the Riverdance North American tour. Cheers to my genius web-designers, John Lawter and Rich MacNeill for an incredible job with the site! Read more »

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