On the Road...Literally!

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Hey everyone. Just checking in from the iPhone in the car (don't worry I'm not driving right now)! I'm out on tour this week with guitarist/singer extraordinaire Ryan McGiver. We played our debut concert at the Jalopy Theater in Brooklyn last Friday night. Since then we have rocked the house in York, PA, Cleveland, OH, and Pittsburgh, PA. We are having a great time and meeting some great people along the way. Right now we're trekking down to Knoxville, TN where we are offering workshops and a concert tomorrow night at Morelock Music (see the "Gigs" page for details). After that is the Main Event--2 prime spots at the Bristol Rhythm and Roots Reunion in Bristol, TN! Hope you can make it down, it will be a weekend of amazing music all around. Stay tuned for picture and video updates coming soon. Thanks to everyone who has come out and supported the music this week, and everyone who has hosted us. We really appreciate it!!


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On the Road...Literally! | Patrick Mangan

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