Enjoy a free exclusive download of Pat Mangan's previously unreleased, award-winning original composition, "September Sky." Featuring fiddle by Pat Mangan, acoustic, bass, and electric guitars by Greg Anderson, Clarinet by Matt Darriau, and Percussion by John Mettam.


Dan Milner and Bob Conroy - Irish in America
Folk Legacy Records, 2001

...The Irish in America recorded their experiences in folk songs of great power and humor and beauty. Here is a collection of songs and tunes celebrating the Irish who built the great American cities, who toiled in factories, laid rails...who fought for their new-found homeland...and who made America laugh and cry on the vaudeville stage. Renowned ballad singer Dan Milner and banjo virtuoso Bob Conroy are joined by...Pat Mangan (and a host of others).

John Whelan - Celtic Fire
Narada Records, 2001

On this aptly titled Celtic Fire, his fifth solo album for Narada, the seven-time All-Ireland button accordion champion has assembled some of the best young instrumentalists in Irish traditional music today--all from the United States... If youth must be served, then John Whelan has served it brilliantly and memorably on Celtic Fire, where tradition meets inspiration in a showcase of Irish music at its most vital and vibrant.