Riverdance Brings Irish Dance Fusion to the Queen Elizabeth Theatre
Musicians flanked the dancers with Pat Mangan (fiddle) and Mark Alfred (percussion, drums, bodhran) stepping out onto centre stage to rally the crowd
Wendy Dallian, Vancouver Observer
Riverdance - Broadway Across Canada
The musicians are also the best in their class, with fiddler Patrick Mangan having been the youngest in the show’s history when he began. His solo was another highlight of the show as he walked across the stage, fiddling and playing off the other musicians as well.
Tessa Perkins, Press +1
From Michael Coleman to Riverdance
For years to come, two words inevitably will precede Patrick Mangan’s name: “Riverdance fiddler.” Which is OK by him.
Jeff Meade,
"Riverdance" at the Pantages
..fiddle player Pat Mangan showed off his talents by challenging the speediness of the dancers against his expert fiddle playing. It was a draw.
Mary E. Montoro,
Irish-themed show entertains with song and dance
‘Slip into Spring – The Harvest,’ features the phenomenal five-man Riverdance band, led by a plucky, charismatic Pat Mangan on the fiddle, who has probably spent much of his young life fighting off elderly women trying desperately to get their hands on his eminently squeezable cheeks. His technique is flawless...
Jason Kehe,
Theatre/Dance Review (LA): Riverdance at the Pantages Theatre
...a brilliant fiddler, Pat Mangan.
Robert Machray,
Your last chance to see the most incredible dance phenomenon...
...the gorgeous strings of violinist Pat Mangan...
Charles Jarrett,
We were there: 'Riverdance' at Bass Hall
...dazzling musicianship from the five-piece band (fiddler Pat Mangan and drummer-percussionist-bodhran player Mark Alfred deserve a show all their own).
Joy Tipping, The Dallas Morning News
Don't miss Riverdance
Pat Mangan played fiddle with the-Devil-went-down-to-Dublin zeal...
Bill Blankenship, The Topeka Capital Journal
Riverdance" Has It All!
Fiddler Patrick Mangan stands out in front of the Riverdance Band...capturing and communicating...soul, brilliance and feistiness.
Roy Meachum,